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November 30. Yeah baby!

I am finishing this NaBloMoFo with a special edition of “I Comment Therefore I Am”…

Unknown Mami

… because it is Monday. And Monday, especially Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend, absolutely sucks ass, especially if you work in an office…

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A dear friend of mine passed this comment on Social Networking along to me from none other than the always brilliant Non Sequitur cartoon. She received it from her doting partner whose eyes could not have rolled any further when my friend and I were comparing our notes on using Twitter…

I found myself more in love with humanity on the Internet when the very human, physical part of it is stripped. Without the physical indicator to dictate who we are from the outside, thus evading the tyranny of visual cues and first impressions and the temptations of ass-u-me-ptions, the Internet just seems to be a better equalizer.

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“Raw information will become not just a commodity, it will be a nuisance”

August 11, 2009

in imho is just a polite way to say I know you don't give a hoot what I think but I'm going to say it anyway

Chris and Malcolm are both wrong…

The title says.

Once in a while I come across smart people (online only, since you know, we moms are notoriously boring and mundane in real life, and many may even suspect that we have few braincells left so we don’t get engaged in intelligent conversations, in real life – AND that, my friend, was said with a sarcastic tone through gritted teeth, so don’t you mommy police out there flame me!) who I really really want to meet in real life. I found one today

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twitterdown 610x381 Armageddon is here: Twitter is down and Fail Whale is not even there?!
fail whale Armageddon is here: Twitter is down and Fail Whale is not even there?!
I can’t believe I am saying this, but I wish Fail Whale will come back soon!

We miss you, Fail Whale! We will never been mean to you and call you names again! Just come back!! You are so much better than a lot of other scenarios, we have now realized!

So… by now you have heard, or tweeted, oh, no, NOT tweeted, but left frantic comments on or or other websites where Social Media lovers hang out, after they have tweeted and Facebooked their hearts out, but still have something more to say.

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I GTalked my kid to ask him what he would like for breakfast today…

May 23, 2009 no manual for parenting

As over-thinking, ironically introspective, neurotic, obsessively over-analytical as I am, this incident strikes me as seminal. SEMINAL. Mark it on the calendar.
We have all seen those cartoons, parodying the increasing importance of texting in the life of teens and even preteens, showing kids texting each other while sitting next to each other on the sofa, [...]

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If I were working on an ethnographic study on the Global Twitter Tribe, I would start here with Twitter Earth…

April 23, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

If you have some inexplicable fascination of Twitter, the much beloved or maligned or questioned (depending on you hang out with…) but can't-be-ignored, new kid on the block, by my troth! you definitely should check out Twitter Earth…

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From The Economist: It’s not 42. It’s 148. The magic number for social networks.

March 4, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Even on the Interweb, we cannot escape our evolutionary past. According to The Economist article: “Primates on Facebook”, some of things that we do to/for each other on the social networks over the Internet can still be defined as “Grooming”: you need to ping your peeps, follow up on their status, read their Tweets, comment [...]

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Sushi for you, Obama-san!

February 24, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

The chef did try very hard to make it non-offensive. A friendly gesture really. Look at the USA flag and the similes!
I am actually using this to test POSTEROUS

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Betrayed by The Huffington Post? I want my Virtual Lives separated!

February 12, 2009 random

It is clear that I intend to keep my blog anonymous. Not that it matters to anybody anyway since in the grander scheme of things, I AM anonymous: one of the masses, does not matter whether my name is known or not. However, in the unlikely case when someone at work or a family [...]

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Metablogging: Maybe we are all egomaniacs…

February 7, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

and if we were, or, if I were, I would not be sitting here at 6 am worried about my being an egomaniac and what all this blogging and twittering and facebooking says about me as an individual.
Is it not enough to live an anonymous life? Or, Why is it not enough to live an [...]

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