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Seriously. I fear this is true.

Scene 1

On our way home in the car, the 11 year-old lodged an official complaint against his younger brother for embarassing him in school: He talks about God too much. He said things like, “God created everything” in daily, random conversations, without prompting. On top of that, he also sometimes sports a British accent, according to his older brother, “Like Charlie and Lola!”

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“I want to be an artist so I can be rich!”

September 24, 2009

in no manual for parenting

“Mom, what did you want to do when you grew up?”

My 6 year-old asked innocently. This question stirs a lot of anxiety inside me, but that’s another post, if you are unlucky enough, I may indulge myself in one day…

He’s been really concerned about his future lately. He has pondered on being an artist for a long time.

“I really would like to be rich when I grow up. So I’m going to be an artist.”

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Act. 1 “The Middle Number”

Mr. Monk wondered aloud in the back of the car,

“What is in the middle of all the numbers?”

“Uh. Honey. We can’t know that since we don’t know what the ‘last number’ is.”  Taking a deep breath, I was all too scared of explaining the concept of infinity to a 6 year old while speeding towards the gymnastics practice.  (Not for me. I can only wish. For my oldest).

“Well, I think it is ZERO. Because you know, there are negative 1, 2, 3…”

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“Mommy, is tweeting bad?”

June 24, 2009

in mark my word: twitter will doom us all, no manual for parenting

Nope. Didn’t make this up. This came up in my conversation with my 6 year-old, Mr. Monk, in the car today.

Most of our conversations happen in the car now, it seems. Could Mr. Monk be that smart so as to figure out that when I am driving, I am cornered and hence have to provide some sort of answers to the hard questions he throws at me?

“Mommy, why do you tweet?”

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The Ability to be Oblivious OR Is there a manual for the multicutural world we envision?

June 16, 2009 no manual for parenting

Warning: The following text contains ruminations on the color of our skins. If you feel uncomfortable discussing skin colors, wish that people would just stop obsessing over skin colors and go on with their lives, or believe that the insistence on talking about the colors of our skin makes the originator of the conversation a [...]

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I GTalked my kid to ask him what he would like for breakfast today…

May 23, 2009 no manual for parenting

As over-thinking, ironically introspective, neurotic, obsessively over-analytical as I am, this incident strikes me as seminal. SEMINAL. Mark it on the calendar.
We have all seen those cartoons, parodying the increasing importance of texting in the life of teens and even preteens, showing kids texting each other while sitting next to each other on the sofa, [...]

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Parenthood makes me feel dumb

May 6, 2009 no manual for parenting

It is a cliche that children do not come with manuals. No education prepares one for parenthood. Sometimes I wonder whether a Jeopardy champion would make a better parent since they seem to be better equipped with answering completely random questions.
The series of questions and free associations my 6 year-old child fires [...]

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Ever woner the worst question your child could ever ask you?

February 14, 2009 no manual for parenting

I found out tonight. I actually have never even pondered this. But when I heard it from my 6-year-old today, I knew, in my heart, this has got to be the worst question a child could ever ever ask of you, the parent.
Not “Am I going to die?”
Not “What happened to (insert: [...]

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Towards the discussion of race with a 6 year-old…

February 11, 2009 no manual for parenting

Every day is a trial and error in my effort to bring my kids up the “right” way…
Here is an incident happened last month which I have been chewing over and over:
My 6 year-old came home excited one day to tell me all about what he had learned at school about MLK, about Rosa Parks, [...]

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Questions from your kids: How many people are there in the world?

January 13, 2009 random

Here is your answer, as of January 13, 2009 (US Time)

U.S. 305,610,552

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