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This one will be short. It just happened, and I want to make sure that I capture this moment…

I worked from home today as I have been able to do when my co-worker travels since there would be nobody else in the office but me. As I was lamenting internally how much my job is killing my soul, I sighed and said to my son who was doing his homework at the kitchen table as I, “Make sure you find a job that you love when you grow up.”

“Do you love your job?”


“Why don’t you do something about it?”

*sigh* “It’s inertia. It’s a good job. It pays well and allows me the flexibility to raise two children.”

“Well. When we grow up and are out of the house, I want you to be someone that you want to be, ok?”

This brought a shock wave to my being that I am failing to describe. I put my hands to my face and cried.

“Thank you. That’s one of the kindest things anybody has ever said to me.”

“You are welcome.”

All of a sudden I remembered the words Fuck Yeah Motherhood used to describe her teenage son, “Occasional glimpses of the man he will be are awe-inspiring.”

That’s what I am feeling right now.

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Warning: This post should be filed under “Things I find to be extremely amusing only because my kids said/did it and you probably wouldn’t give a rat’s gas which I am perfectly fine with but I still need to write this down so that I will remember this moment when I start losing the memory of my kids’ brilliance, like in the next five minutes, and I don’t keep a paper journal and also I’ve forgot how to write with a pen”.

My 6 year-old had a brief infatuation with John Mccain last fall: he was really worried that Mr. Mccain would lose the election and then he would be really really sad. My 6 year-old thought he looked like a grandpa, and we should NOT make a grandpa cry.

Anyway, the point I brought this old history up was that at that time my son also sported a fedora and a cane wherever he went. (Ok. He was only FIVE years old then so it was pretty adorable…)  He also called his cane John Mccain at that time.

Yesterday we went to have our one Weekend Fun Event for this weekend at a dollar store, (The best cheap thrill indeed!) and he got a giant plastic candy cane.  Later the candy cane was giving him trouble and making him unable to get out of the car in the lightning speed that I demand, I asked him,

“What’s wrong with your cane?”

“Maw CANE is sad ’cause he lost the election!”

I guess you’d have to be there. But I couldn’t stop laughing and kissing him for the next 5 minutes.

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Who wouldn’t love a giant pink puff that squeaks?

September 12, 2009

in no manual for parenting

We don’t have cable (not because we are so chi chi, la di da, holier than thou, but because we are cheap… frugal, and know that we have no will power whatsoever when it comes to moving images on the screen and we will just sit in front of HBO all day and yell at the kids to take care of themselves realistic) so our poor kids LOVE Saturday mornings.

My 6 yo boy commented loudly, with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, to nobody in particular:

Kirby is really cute, isn’t he?

For some reason, that made me smile.  Later he made me laugh out loud, when apparently Kirby was in trouble because I could hear this voice pretending to be a little girl when in face it is probably a 50-year-old voice-over actor who does all the voices for Saturday Morning cartoons imported from Asia, pleading, “Kirby! Kirby”, my 6 yo commented to the TV screen,

Just pick him up!  He is the size of your head!

No wiser words have been uttered on Saturday mornings…

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Moment: JetBlue & Southwest tweeting each other…

February 10, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Saw this on my Twitter homepage. It strikes me as really adorable. I do hope that the actual airlines remain competitors since a collaboration between the two little giants (and they are really not little any more despite the images they are trying to cultivate…) will be the end of low airfares.

i tweet too much