I thought I’d start writing down real-life bits of wisdom for your benefits. I am totally qualified to impart wisdom to strangers on the Interweb because I am naturally wise and Zen just from being Chinese. It is in my blood, damn it!

This will be a growing list because I love you. I am wise. And Zen. Don’t forget about Zen!

Things I said to my kids…

“Don’t do a half-ass job”

“Don’t tell me how difficult your brother is. Don’t you think I know that?”

“Don’t tell me I can’t be on the Internet because I told you to get off the Internet. I am not in school any more. You are!”

*Exasperation* “For god’s sake! … Ok. You are not supposed to do that. You know the Ten Commandments right?  I didn’t mean your god. I meant mine. So it is ok!”

“Mom, you look silly in that hat!” “Well, then I have done my job as a parent.”

“Books? You are not allowed to read books today! It’s too nice a day to be wasting on books!”

Things that make sense if you don’t think about it…

Lowered expectations make a more optimistic person.  Or rather, the pessimists are in fact the most optimistic amongst us.

I expect the world sucks, and when it does not, I am always pleasantly surprised. Same as people.

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