“precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself”

March 17, 2010 random

Tweet “Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself.” Once in a while, you come across something that so resonates with you to the point of altering your reality. Or your perception of reality. It’s like, all of a sudden, you can see yourself more […]


Vote for the Best Just Posts of 2009!

March 15, 2010 this i believe

Tweet First of all, an apology… . Now on to official business… Alejna over at Collecting Tokens and Holly at Cold Spaghetti host a monthly feature called “Just Posts for a Just World“: monthly roundtables of blog posts written on personal blogs that, in words of one of the founders, “speak to the same thing […]


If you have mastered one-hand typing

March 12, 2010 no manual for parenting

Tweet If you have mastered one-hand typing. If you have mastered doing household chores with only one hand. If you have managed to teach yourself to use the non-dominant hand because your dominant hand is now dominated by a baby that prefers your arm more than anything else. If you curse at the mailman for […]


A glimpse of the future…

March 11, 2010 no manual for parenting

Tweet This one will be short. It just happened, and I want to make sure that I capture this moment… I worked from home today as I have been able to do when my co-worker travels since there would be nobody else in the office but me. As I was lamenting internally how much my […]


Twelveteen Going on Thirty

March 10, 2010 no manual for parenting

Tweet The best description of what it is like to be a parent is a comment left by suesue on Merrilymarylee’s Weblog: Having a child was deciding to have your heart walking around outside your body forever . My oldest turned 12 this week. 12. That is a full Zodiac Cycle. I am sure it […]


Warning Signs: To hell in a handbasket

March 8, 2010 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet I know that the Catholic Church, and many other Christian churches, has a complicated relationship with Science. So I appreciated the fact that they DO indeed include Science in the curriculum for Catholic schools. In the public schools that my kids have been to, Science has always been taken as a given. There was […]


My brief encounter with an Olympic Silver medal…

March 2, 2010 random

Tweet and greatness… I took the first flight out to Boston this morning. Right before we took off, the flight attendant announced that we had an Olympic Silver medalist in our midst: Molly Schaus, Goalie on the US Olympic Women’s Hockey team, was on the flight. We all clapped. The flight attendant walked down the […]


Sundays in My City

February 28, 2010 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet I have not yet participated in Unknown Mami‘s Sundays in My City weekly feature that I so enjoy on her blog. (Actually, I love all her weekly features: the I Comment Therefore I am on Mondays and the Fragmented Fridays) I thought I’d give it a go this Sunday, seeing how I need a […]


What I learned from the Olympics*… *Not what you think

February 27, 2010 no manual for parenting

Tweet We have been watching the Winter Olympics. I didn’t plan to. But what’s not to love really? Finally something on prime time that does not involve dead bodies, sexual predators, or its own mythologies. Naturally I gravitated towards Ice Dancing and Figure Skating. (No, I don’t really want to engage in a debate about […]


Do you know what you are reading to your children?

February 26, 2010 no manual for parenting

Tweet Do you really know? I mean, really really? Do you know what you are reading them and how they are hearing what you are reading them?… I was browsing through the Costco “magazine” (what sadly passes as reading material for me nowadays) in bed when my oldest came to snuggle with sit by me. […]

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