So the other day husband left one of his baseball caps on the floor of the laundry room, looking quite dirty.  As in, it’s no longer beige but brown-ish all over.

So what does it mean when someone just leaves clothing on the floor of the laundry room?  I’d say it means they are asking you nicely to wash it for them.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Since I am a very nice person, so I did.

Turns out this hat is husband’s favorite.  Don’t ask me why.  This was the first time I heard it too.  A cap from a baseball team we don’t really know about.  A cap husband had purchased for our oldest at a company outing and later inherited because our oldest was too cool to wear it.

It’s a mystery to me, really.  Sort of like the mystery of how a child selects his/her lovey.  (THAT. Is yet another topic we should all blog about.  Raise your hand if you have experienced the agony of a lost lovey.  Or worst, the death of a beloved lovey…)

It also turned out that the back closure of the hat had split in half and husband had glued it together with super glue.  (Have to say I am impressed by that feat and his dedication!)  So the hat came out of the wash, well, broken again.

“You broke my hat!  That’s my favorite hat!”

In order to keep peace in the household, I offered to glue it together.

“Well, you’d better do a good job: don’t get glue all over it.”

Have to say, he knows me only too well.  I can’t work with any type of glue:  I once glued my fingers shut with super glue.  I offered to use the glue gun.

“You are KIDDING, right?”

Well, I guess I’m now even if I wasn’t…

As I sat there trying to hold the pieces together as my fingers were being glued shut, again.  I thought,

Shouldn’t there be immunity for people who do the laundry in the household?  Next time, I’m going to have him sign a release form…

FINE.  I’ll fix your hat for you.

There. You. Go.

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