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The “What the __?!” epidemic

May 9, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet I am no Miss Manners, let me just come out and say that. (Although writing Thankyou notes is one of the very few rules I am forcing my kids to follow). I have a potty mouth when the kids are not around, or at least, when I think they cannot hear me (which by […]

To @Wired: Whoever gave my husband the idea that Sorapot, instead of an IPod

February 28, 2009 random

Tweet was a good idea for a great Xmas present… is a f** idiot and can come & take it! My husband’s attempt to surprise me at Xmas was a success if he only meant to surprise me… This “teapot” was an overpriced piece of, eh, paperweight. If you have no intention of washing it, […]


Betrayed by The Huffington Post? I want my Virtual Lives separated!

February 12, 2009 random

Tweet It is clear that I intend to keep my blog anonymous. Not that it matters to anybody anyway since in the grander scheme of things, I AM anonymous: one of the masses, does not matter whether my name is known or not. However, in the unlikely case when someone at work or a family […]

“That’s so Gay” is NOT so funny! This has nothing to do with sense of humor…

February 9, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet Steven Petrow’s post on Huffington today really struck a chord: “That’s so Gay” is Not So Funny I am so happy and relieved that someone brought this subject up, again. Since Huffington is purportedly the most linked blog site in the world, hopefully more parents and teachers would be reading about this. I have […]

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I am beginning to empathize with Maleficent who wasn’t invited to Sleeping Beauty’s christening…

February 3, 2009 random

Tweet We all know the story of the Sleeping Beauty. The version I remembered has it thus: The Queen and the King gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. At the celebration party, the Queen invited only 12 fairies because she only has 12 place settings. (I didn’t make this part up. That’s the version […]