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It is amazing to see how a Tweep (or, what’s the name for a company/entity that tweets? And Christi on Southwest… is she a Tweep or is the Tweet Southwest’s?) grows the number of followers. I wonder whether there is a 3rd party Twitter apps. out there that tracks number of followers for selected Twitter accounts at the end of each day. Then we can do some trendline analysis, plug in significant events into the timeline, and do some regression.

The power of word of mouth. The tipping point.

#followfriday and/or #fridayfollow

When does it become so big that it stops being effective?

Once again, I wish I were back in Grad School: so many fascinating topics to choose from for virtual Performance Studies. What would Ervin Goffman have said about all this in The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life? Maybe nothing. Can Sociology be applied to virtual societies where you don’t see people, rather, you see the texts representing them?

Note to self: Buy lottery tickets. Win. Go back to school.

p.s. Piqqem acquired 3 more followers in the time of my writing this post. Yes, probably not as fast as how some celebrities acquire followers, but still… I am intrigued.

But, wait, there is more!

Note to self: Google is your friend!! When in doubt, Google. Even my 6-yo would say, “Let’s google!” when I cannot answer one of his rapid-fired questions. But as always, beware of what you read if the source is wikipedia. Anyhow, did some googling, and answered my own question wrt. 3rd-party tracking apps. No need to go outside of the house: the Twitter team has thought of that from the beginning. DUH. Check out #hashtags to see what’s being tweeted about right now. And for sure, soon it will be written up in the WSJ. When that happens, you know you need to find the next hottest thing.

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Thanks to Wired, I know now what “$” and “#” mean in Twitter-nese. Yes, I am a N00b…

The enigmatic title “On Twitter, $ Is the New #” serves as a test: If you have to ask, I guess this is not meant for you…

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know about the search.twitter URL until I read the Wired blog. How handy. Now I know why so many Tweets had a “#” within them. Duh.

Vanity search-ers now have a new venue and new obsession also, I guess.

I like how Twitter is explained as a distributed social network rooter in SMS, yet larger than SMS:

“Though Twitter has roots in the world of text messaging, it’s a distributed network. Your tweets are broadcast, and what may feel like a one-to-one communication is actually one-to-many. This enormity of scale has made it easy for individual tweets to blossom into wide-reaching conversations, but it’s also made those conversations much more difficult to follow.”

So if you want to talk about a particular publicly traded company on Twitter, just add “$” in front of the company’s ticker, e.g. $GOOG. And a company is already utilizing this, or at least attempting to. The idea that Piqqem has is intriguing to say the least:

They have “urged Twitter users to adopt the dollar sign tag in order to help it keep track of how people on the web are feeling about a particular company’s stock. The plan is to use that data to beat the market and give more informed trading advice.” Sourcing the wisdom of the crowd.

It is going to be a very interesting experiment: stuff that researches and dissertations are made of, IF they survive long enough to get enough attention.

In addition, I am curious to see how many Twitter followers Piqqem has. As the writing of the Wired blog, there were 185. Now there are 190. No, 191, since I just followed them also.

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