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Remember Zoltar? From the movie Big?  Well, here is to help you remember…

How many of us have thought about seeking the exact Zoltar out, not to make a wish, but just to say, “I have seen it. THE Zoltar in the movie with Tom Hanks!” Well, this post is not about that Zoltar.  But it is cooler.  Meet Zoltar, in real life…

Zoltar w audience

This dude built a Zoltar on Segway. Ingenious, isn’t it? He won the first place at this year’s Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

This is my favorite picture of all:

Zoltar and Storm T

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Annex - Brooks, Louise_12

Louise Brooks, aka Frank Wedekind’s “Lulu”, 1929.

Nobody, I mean, nobody, does it better…

I have had the same postcard on my bookshelf since college.  I included it as one of the images for a self-portrait collage that I put together…  Now come to think of it, I started having identity crisis since that age and I haven’t been quite able to find myself ever since.  Kind of pathetic if I dare to be honest: A 40-year-old woman suffering from teenage angst.


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So now I am completely obsessed with Anna May Wong. I wanted to find and read everything about her… then I found this:

Shanghai Express

This is fucking Marlene Dietrich we are talking about here…  Marlene Dietrich looks like this:

(Ignore the cigarettes. They didn’t know better back then…)

Annex - Dietrich, Marlene (Angel)_01

Annex - Dietrich, Marlene (Shanghai Express)_03

Annex - Dietrich, Marlene_17

Yeah.  I get the irony about me posting photographic evidence of objectification of these two gorgeous women after I posted We will not become what we mean to you.   I have the luxury of a revisionist perspective, looking back at these women and what they have done in portraying strong, powerful women, albeit always thwarted by the end of the film.

On the other hand, now this conviction, and personal, secret mantra, “We will not become what we mean to you”, just became even more powerful for me.  The paradox of the subjectification of the unavoidable objectification perchance will remove us from this endless loop, a discourse that goes nowhere.

I am spewing nonsense now.  This shit is complicated.  No wonder people avoid the discussion of gender and racial politics like the plague.

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Anna May Wong in “Daughter of the Dragon”

August 29, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet Anna May Wong in “Daughter of the Dragon”, originally uploaded by The Absence of Alternatives. There is so much theorizing and critique one can do based on this one image, I don’t even know where to start… Or, if you don’t mind, I find it hilarious.  Is it a sign that we have come […]

“Red Dawn! Red Dawn!”

August 28, 2009 random

Tweet “Red Dawn! Red Dawn!”, originally uploaded by The Absence of Alternatives. What I was thinking when I saw the military helicopters flying through the quiet suburb in the middle of the day… p.s. They are remaking Red Dawn…  I have one thing to say: “Don’t fuck it up!”