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Things I should be doing instead of agonizing over falling behind for NaBloPoMo…

November 8, 2009 random

Tweet I know myself only too well. I already missed the 8th post for this NaBloPoMo thing I decided to participate in. Deadline yesterday. But I am going to cheat by turning time backwards through the magic buttons on my blog dashboard. It is not because I am a religious person and I don’t believe […]


If you keep a “life” blog and therefore experience existential crisis on a regular basis…

November 7, 2009 random

Tweet You have got to read this: Blogging for Dummies by Aunt Becky (she’s actually young and hot) over at Mommy Wants Vodka.  As someone who has experimented with making my own bacon-flavored vodka, she had me at the name of her blog… When I stumbled upon her genuine, honest, tell-it-like-it-is advice about blogging and […]


“The Simple Grace of Sharing a Meal” Or, My first gig as a guest blogger

November 6, 2009 random

Tweet Velva over at Tomatoes on the Vine kindly asked me to be a guest on her blog.  I had to agree because if she was crazy enough to ask me, who knows what’s going to happen if I had said No to her? So, please hop over now (but NOT like a frog) and […]

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There should be a law against laziness… (Wo)man up, Award Time!

November 4, 2009 random

Tweet On 17 October 2009, the lovely Jane over at They Call Me Jane temporarily lost her mind and shared with me another award that she just won.  It is displayed below as Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2: If I don’t end up in the nut house, it is partly because the love and support from a stranger, […]


National Blog Posting Month OR NaBloPoMo. Try saying it fast 3 times…

November 3, 2009 random

Tweet On the second day of November I learned that November is actually the National Blog Posting Month.  (Thanks to Pajamas and Coffee) The concept is straightforward: For the entire month of November, the participant will write a post for every day.  30 posts in 30 days. I have never succeeded in keeping a long […]


Metablogging: Maybe we are all egomaniacs…

February 7, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet and if we were, or, if I were, I would not be sitting here at 6 am worried about my being an egomaniac and what all this blogging and twittering and facebooking says about me as an individual. Is it not enough to live an anonymous life? Or, Why is it not enough to […]

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

January 14, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet Upon learning my having joined the latest phenom which is Twitter, my male co-workers asked me point blank, But, WHY? Why not just use emails if you want to talk to people you know? Why not use TXT? You can email to an entire group of people if that’s your reasoning for using Twitter […]


January 14, 2009 random

Tweet I came up the term “Metablogging” on my own in my last post: blogging about blogging. I am a genius. For safe measure, I googled the word and darn, it has been written to death. So now my hope is to meta the meta, a blog about the blogs that blog about the other […]

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Where do people find the time to blog? And the Huffington Post’s guide to blogging…

January 14, 2009 random

Tweet I am seriously puzzled.  I have checked out the “competitions” out there: do a google search (or a google blog search, even better), and there are a lot of suburban moms out there, clicking away. Many of them are writers, professional even, were or still are.  Thank god! They all have kids, well, duh, that’s […]