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How much is the Pulitzer Prize worth?

November 2, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet I was surprised to learn that the Pulitzer Prize is only worth $10,000. I guess you really need to be in this field for the love of the game. Now with the doom and gloom not just predicted but realized in numbers for print journalism, and the difficulty in turning online content into actual […]


Popular Halloween Costumes. Multiple Choice: Which one does not belong?

October 29, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words



“I have no life. I play with Lego all day!”

October 5, 2009 marketing at work

Tweet Let me start this post by saying that we are a Lego family.  With 3 boys in the household – my 2 sons and my one husband, our floor used to be covered with Lego pieces when they were little (the kids, not the husband).  Later, a home-made Lego table was the mainstay in […]


Those who do the laundry should have immunity. Just sayin…

October 3, 2009 random

Tweet So the other day husband left one of his baseball caps on the floor of the laundry room, looking quite dirty.  As in, it’s no longer beige but brown-ish all over. So what does it mean when someone just leaves clothing on the floor of the laundry room?  I’d say it means they are […]


I went to get Starbucks and I got an Existential Crisis instead…

September 16, 2009 random

Tweet One thing about working is that, when you are assigned a project whose essence you detest, you become very easily distracted.  After finding it extremely difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, while the clock tick tick tick away, and truth be told, a trip to the restroom to reapply my makeup, I […]

As a 1930s wife, I am…

September 1, 2009 random

Tweet 22 As a 1930s wife, I am Very Poor (Failure) Take the test! Sheesh! You think you can do better?  Take the test yourself!

Step 1. I went to Walmart for my Bacon-Flavored Vodka Experiment…

August 30, 2009 random

Tweet To recap, I decided to follow the recipe for Bacon-flavored vodka… Why? Because I love Bacon. And I love Vodka. So it seems like a no-brainer… I went to Walmart to gather my supply. Why Walmart when we know they are evil? Because Walmart was the only place where I recall for having ever […]


I’ve never got kicked in the head. Is it me? No. It’s you.

June 8, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet This morning my youngest was sent to his room for a timeout because he kicked daddy in the head.  Upon further investigation, and actually I witnessed the entire episode, I am not quite sure he deserved the punishment.     What would a normal healthy human being do when they are being tickled on […]

Red Bull milk shake? Just seems wrong…

May 23, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words


How Nordstrom honors the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month…

May 8, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet First of all, for all of ya who are uninitiated: May is designated by the U.S. Congress as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Don’t fret if you didn’t know until now. The first week of May is actually Asian Pacific American Heritage WEEK. Between the Swine Flu and the Oprah-KFC debacle (Seriously, folks. […]