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Know thyself. Be thyself.

December 7, 2009 this i believe

Tweet It is 2:03 am. I am all of a sudden wide awake. Note to self: Listening to PRI Selected Shorts podcasts while cleaning the house is a sure way that your mind will become overactive and that you will have trouble falling asleep. I will pay for this indulgence: lying down on my Therapy […]


I comment therefore I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing…

November 30, 2009 random

Tweet November 30. Yeah baby! I am finishing this NaBloMoFo with a special edition of “I Comment Therefore I Am”… … because it is Monday. And Monday, especially Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend, absolutely sucks ass, especially if you work in an office… In this edition, I will share with you how I abuse […]


Finally, Bacon Vodka is no longer just a myth…

November 14, 2009 random

Tweet To those who have not heard about my temporary relapse of sanity that led me to embark on this dark and lonely road of trying to make my own bacon-flavored Vodka, I announced my Bacon Vodka experiment in August. Much to my own surprise, I actually followed through immediately and went to Walmart for the […]


Hey, I am not the only one who thinks that the Smiley looks like a pervert!

November 13, 2009 random

Tweet Jane over at They Call Me Jane has been calling for everybody to share their crazy search terms, i.e. the keywords with which people were led to your blog, and she calls this Friday The 13th, Share Your Crazy Search Engine Terms Day! It is Jane. Naturally I obliged. wanted to be in on it. […]


Things I should be doing instead of agonizing over falling behind for NaBloPoMo…

November 8, 2009 random

Tweet I know myself only too well. I already missed the 8th post for this NaBloPoMo thing I decided to participate in. Deadline yesterday. But I am going to cheat by turning time backwards through the magic buttons on my blog dashboard. It is not because I am a religious person and I don’t believe […]


Day 5 of NaBloPoMo: When in doubt, talk about phobias…

November 5, 2009 random

Tweet I suck. It is only the fifth day of National Blog Posting Month and I am already wanting to quit. Life and work seem to have a way of getting into the way of daily blogging… I am totally kidding up there.  Blogging should be a supplement to life: a conduit to reflect on […]


There should be a law against laziness… (Wo)man up, Award Time!

November 4, 2009 random

Tweet On 17 October 2009, the lovely Jane over at They Call Me Jane temporarily lost her mind and shared with me another award that she just won.  It is displayed below as Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2: If I don’t end up in the nut house, it is partly because the love and support from a stranger, […]


National Blog Posting Month OR NaBloPoMo. Try saying it fast 3 times…

November 3, 2009 random

Tweet On the second day of November I learned that November is actually the National Blog Posting Month.  (Thanks to Pajamas and Coffee) The concept is straightforward: For the entire month of November, the participant will write a post for every day.  30 posts in 30 days. I have never succeeded in keeping a long […]


How do you know what you are having is NOT swine flu? Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

October 14, 2009 random

Tweet For days I thought I may have had IT. Not because I had any telltale symptoms because, well, so far, after I scoured the Interweb, I can’t find any statement on Telltale Signs for Swine Flu. I watched the CDC video with an obsession, “Symptoms of H1N1” at 2 am in the morning one […]

Tea cosies, French Press cozies, vacuum cleaner covers, oh my. (Patented)

October 11, 2009 random

Tweet I can’t sleep.  I have either a cold or a flu.  And if I have a flu, I probably have the dreaded H1N1 virus.  So since flu symptoms include severe fatigue, I figured that if I can wake up at 2 am and writing on my blog at 3:30 am, then I probably don’t […]