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Questions from your kids: How many people are there in the world?

January 13, 2009 random

Tweet Here is your answer, as of January 13, 2009 (US Time) U.S. 305,610,552 World 6,753,669,055 This is pretty neat, courtesy of U.S. Census Bureau’s Pop Clocks. At my boys’ insistence, here is the counter part: Statistics on death… (Yes, my kids are naturally morbid, considering how many comic books and movies inspired by comic books […]

How do you explain WAR to a 5 year old?

November 17, 2008 no manual for parenting

Tweet About 2 weeks ago, my youngest asked me, “Mommy, is there a war now?” I was startled by this question, but quickly steadied myself and said, “yes, honey, unfortunately, there are wars all around the world.” “No, I mean, is there one that we are in?” Pause. “Yes, honey, unfortunately, there is at least […]

So, how do you explain Roe vs. Wade to a 10-year-old boy??

November 3, 2008 no manual for parenting

Tweet Am I a bad mom? Sometimes I worry that in an effort to bring up children that are progressive, tolerant, self-aware, and self-reliant, and to make sure that they become “contributing members of a civil society” in the future, I may have pulled a cloud over their childhood. If they are fortunate enough to […]