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I know this is sad on so many different levels… Let’s not even talk about how sad it is that I got so excited over the fact that my “Bring Back Thanksgiving” post is, as of this second, the number one result on Google.

What got me really sad is that not enough people care, or even wonder, about the demise of, the neglect over Thanksgiving sandwiched between the TWO Retail-Friendly holidays. I will not name names. You know who you are, said holidays… Since that would explain why mine shows up on the very top.

But gloat I will, even just for 5 minutes. So…

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Who’s your daddy? Or rather, who’s your emotionally unstable mommy?!

Mind your manners Thanksgiving First Presents Second

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This is me cheating again. It’s only the 6th day of NaBloPoMo, and I am already resorting to PHOTOs. Not even photos I took, but photos that I found on the Interweb!  Yeah, like y’all don’t have google at home?…  Since I have never cheated in my entire academic career, well, not technically anyway, I consider this payback time.

Google published the google doodle to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit, but only on the google UK page.  THIS is the BEST google doodle I have seen so far.



I am also partial to this one featuring my favorite Blue character, favorite monster, favorite Sesame Street puppet, and favorite “Masterpiece Theatre” host…

GoogleDoodleCookieMonsterHey! Maybe this will be my first post that will offend NOBODY? Except the cookies of course…

p.s. I can’t keep my mouth shut: the one with Big Bird and the other one with Bert and Ernie? Those are just lame… Lazy works you might say…

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Gmail Fail, originally uploaded by Rammikins!.

Who you gonna call?

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If you think you are being watched, well, you are…

October 9, 2008 random

Tweet Wired posted the first image demonstrating the power of satellite photography. “This bird’s-eye view of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania was the first image ever seen by the GeoEye-1, the world’s highest-resolution commercial satellite sponsored by Google, when it opened its camera door earlier this week.” (The above comparison picture comes from my new favorite […]