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Speaking of tourist trap, how about let’s just forgo all pretenses, and admit that this is all for commercialism

March 30, 2009 marketing at work

Tweet and souvenir shopping is the main reason why you are all here? The exhibit of the Emperor Sedan is now directly inside this souvenir shop. Pay and you get to have a picture taken with it, up close and personal. Pay more you get to move to the left side, where you can dress […]

Bird Nest in Beijing: A sad sight in contrast to its glory during 2008 Olympics

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

Tweet The official name for the Olympic Stadium in Beijing IS Bird Nest. It is NOT just a nick name. Chinese people justifiably feel pride in this world’s largest steel structure. Groups after groups of domestic visitors lovingly crowd around the dirty, not-well-maintained mascots to have their pictures taken. I am hoping that China will […]

We got a picture of Chairman Mao @ Tian An Men

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

Tweet Because my kid said, “I know him, he is famous! Andy Warhol painted that picture!” Looking at Tian An Men square (across the busy street opposite the Chairman Mao picture). Because it is on a Saturday morning, the crowd is larger than usual. The entire square is covered with people. Being there with two […]

Air China: Our new favorite airlines

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

Tweet Air China, not to be confused with China Airlines which is the one based in Taiwan, is now my favorite airlines for flying with kids. The individual entertainment center on the seat back includes movies, TV shows, inflight information, games, and even a camera showing the view from the bottom of the aircraft. (And […]

The Legend of Kung Fu: cheesy, cliché yet awesome. Like all best scenes from all kung fu movies condensed into 1.5 hours awesomeness

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass

Tweet It is 1.5 hour of sheer awesomeness if you love this kind of stuff. To say the least, these folks have a lot of years of training and practice under their belt. AND, the narration (there is a storyline) is done in ENGLISH. Yes, English, with Chinese captions. At first, the abrupt switch to […]

The Forbidden City: emperor’s “office chair”

March 30, 2009 through the looking glass


Westin In Beijing

March 27, 2009 through the looking glass

Tweet The Westin in Beijing (on Financial Street between Changan Avenue West & Wudinghou Street) looks just like any other Westin in big cities, completely with a upper scale shopping mall right across the street (the kind with a super market and a food court in the basement even!) The only thing that reminded us […]

I am intrigued. Wouldn’t you? How one employee single-handedly MAKE the hotel…

February 8, 2009 marketing at work

Tweet This has just come to my attention that the number 1 rated hotel in Beijing is… Drum roll please… A frigging Holiday Inn! Yes, they do have true 5 star hotels in Beijing. Granted Holiday Inns do get a worse rep in the U.S. than in many other places around the world. Don’t think […]

The Economist Daily Chart: World Internet Users now over ONE Billion!

February 2, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet I only recently discovered that The Economist online includes a “Daily Chart” section in which a snapshot of an intriguing world phenomenon or a trivial yet fascinating trend is presented daily. From January 26, 2009: Chart showing number of Internet users by the top countries. Three things make this moment deserve our special attention: […]