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POTUS has not been really tweeting ever since he became, well, POTUS.  I can understand how he is super busy what with running the country and dealing with the crazies.  On October 9, soon after the world learned about the surprising news that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, he sent out a tweet, with one single word:


I was surprised that he still maintains the official BarackObama Twitter account (and it IS verified – I doubt anybody would even try to set up a fake celebrity account for this…  Think of how the FBI would get on your behind faster than you could say “Squatter”…)

I decided to check on how he fares per number of followers on Twitter.  Boy, he got beat by not just Ashton Kutcher, but Britney Spears too.  Actually, I am fine with Britney Spears since she has a ‘Twitter double” that actually does the tweets for her. Thank goodness.  But Kim Kardashian, people?!

Twitterholic Ranking

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Who says that size does not matter? When I first started following Rainn Wilson (of The Office Dwight the Beet Farmer & B&B Operator fame) on Twitter, he only had a meagerly 60,000+ followers. And that was like, last week. Here is a Tweet that he just sent out, in celebration of the 100K threshold which his Twitter account just crossed.

A job well done. Now he is in the big league, playing with the big players, the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher.

Mr. Wilson actually often has witty and wise things to part with his followers. Like a prophet to his disciples. Well, most of the popular Tweeple have taken on that quality. And I am looking forward to the day when Mr. Wilson’s followers reach 200,000 plus. Then I think he will start growing horns with all that power going to his head…

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I cannot believe that in my previous post of celebrities that tweet I forgot about Demi Moore. Sorry Mrs. Kutcher. And of course, her lovely, always good to look at, but probably illegal for me to fantasize about because of his young age, Mr. Kutcher.

Mr. Combs. How could I have forgotten Mr. Diddy? Yes, indeed, you are Diddy. THE Diddy.

And of course, Ooops I did it again. I forgot yet again our lovely Ms. Spears. She has 230,328 followers as of this moment. Amazing! But it does not seem that she does tweet herself. Sometimes. But not always. This cuts down on the fun exponentially.

My NEW fav? Stephen Fry. Mr. Fry has truly embraced the Web 2.0 social media phenom. If you cannot beat them, you join them. And do a much better, top-notch job. I wonder whether that’s the Brit spirit at work. He is constantly taking and sending pics to Twitpic, so that we could live his celebrated life vicariously. Thanks much, man! You rock! You will never see this post, but a true fan will not mind. And keep up the good work.

As of now, Mr. Fry has 241,247 followers. Please please please. Keep your lead position. When Ms. Spears has more followers than you do, then we know the world is going to the loos.

p.s. Twitterholic tracks popularity of Tweeple. Check it out. It serves as a barometer of our times. Me thinks. Prez Obama, naturally has the lead. He is the World Lead so he has to win at every single competition…

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