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Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I’m not dumb, just obnoxious

I was surprised to learn that the Pulitzer Prize is only worth $10,000. I guess you really need to be in this field for the love of the game.


Now with the doom and gloom not just predicted but realized in numbers for print journalism, and the difficulty in turning online content into actual dollars, we should be concerned about the future of journalism. I enjoy reading a good blog and all, but without the investigative RIGOR that comes with good, solid, journalistic practices, we should be worried. Really worried.

News print circulation drop

Balloon Boy Brouhaha immediately comes to mind.

p.s. Does the number for USA Today include the not-so-free copies they leave outside your door in hotels across the country? The same USA Today for which the hotel charges you $0.75 a copy unless you CALL the front desk to deny the delivery? And you have to CALL, you cannot just TELL THEM when you check in? The same USA Today that every morning when you leave your hotel room you actually step over because you don’t even bother picking it up to read it even in the taxi on your way to your meeting/office/client’s site?

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People in Germany really need to start having more sex.
Otherwise they are really going to need Death Panel for Grandmas, you know, when there are no more young people to take care of the old people.


That was my first thought when I saw this chart.

On second thought, sex does not necessarily lead to pregnancy, unless you are having it in the back of your parents’ car. Or your very first beat-up old clunker. Better if you are drunk.

So my revised word of advice:

Germans need to have more drunken sex in the back of their parents’ car, or get more clunkers.

Then I saw this other chart, comparing government sponsored “Cash for Clunkers” programs in several countries:



Hold on a second, while I take a mental note…

Note to self: Great cocktail conversation tidbit – “Do you know the U.S. is not the only one, and definitely not the first one, to come up with the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program?”

Note to self, again: Scratch that. Someone is bound to say, “Exactly. Those are all socialist, or Facist, countries, or whatever, European! countries. That’s why we should object to it loudly. Preferrably bring a loaded handgun with you to town hall meetings.” And then the cocktail party, if I were ever invited to one, would go downhill from there… So, NOT A GOOD IDEA! Ok. Fine! Scratch the entire Note to Self 1.

When I saw this second chart about Cash for Clunkers program in other countries,

Eureka! I thought.

See how the government in Germany spent $7.1 billion on their “Get Rid of Clunker” program?
There you go, my friend. That is why the birth rate in Germany remains the lowest.





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This Daily Chart from the Economist solved it for me: have been agonizing over whether to move to Denmark since we love Legos so… Now I know with two impressionable boys, this is a country we should keep away from during their teenage years…

Denmark and excessive drinking? No surprise really, if you have seen this vid:

Lego Beer SongThe best free videos are right here

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From The Economist: It’s not 42. It’s 148. The magic number for social networks.

March 4, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet Even on the Interweb, we cannot escape our evolutionary past. According to The Economist article: “Primates on Facebook”, some of things that we do to/for each other on the social networks over the Internet can still be defined as “Grooming”: you need to ping your peeps, follow up on their status, read their Tweets, […]

Latest Poll: Less than 40% of Americans believe in Evolutionism… Wonder whether Canada fares better

February 13, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet as they have more Democrats and Liberals than we do? This is the latest poll by Gallup this month, in honor of Darwin’s 200th birthday, an update from the Economist Daily Chart that I posted a week ago: data for that chart was from 2006, and at that time, less than 50% of the […]

Fewer than 50% Americans believe in the Evolution Theory… How many of the rest believe in aliens?

February 6, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet Numbers (or Bars) speak louder than words. Draw any conclusion based on your own bias and convictions. And don’t send me any hate mail, but this visual impact is too much for me to bear. I feel dizzy. Would be interested to see how this affects the government’s and Bill Gates’ professed belief and […]

The Lipstick Index: Myth Busted?

February 2, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet The first time I heard about the Lipstick Index was from a Mary Kay rep: I learned from her that the three recession-proof products are lipsticks, alcohol, and cigarettes. It is not difficult to understand why alcohol and cigarettes are recession-proof: if you are addicted to something, you are going to get your drink […]

The Economist Daily Chart: World Internet Users now over ONE Billion!

February 2, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet I only recently discovered that The Economist online includes a “Daily Chart” section in which a snapshot of an intriguing world phenomenon or a trivial yet fascinating trend is presented daily. From January 26, 2009: Chart showing number of Internet users by the top countries. Three things make this moment deserve our special attention: […]