Love to drive? We do, too. 拉斯维加斯导航网址一直在找有资质的 full time and part-time drivers. The people here are awesome. 工作时间相当灵活. And you’ll be driving our 清洁、维护良好的车辆.

拉斯维加斯导航网址管理得很严格,但那 why our customers love us.

If you’re personable, 负责任,耀眼的红色驾驶记录, 你只需要做一件事来确定FreedomCar是否适合你. (Apply now.)

before you apply

• Read a little bit about us
• Understand who we are
• Learn about how FreedomCar works:司机是雇员,不是承包商——拉斯维加斯导航网址的司机开车 our vehicles 而且不收小费(弄清楚 why)

quick apply

No resume? No problem. 告诉拉斯维加斯导航网址一些你自己的情况,拉斯维加斯导航网址会保持联系的.


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