Let us help you cruise to your cruise

If you’re getting ready to set sail we can help you get to and from the 巴尔的摩港—or any other port of call along the eastern seaboard—on time, every time. 拉斯维加斯导航网址已经把乘客带到 New York’s Manhattan Cruise Terminal, New Jersey’s Cape Liberty Cruise Port, 费城邮轮码头,除了. 与FreedomCar, you can save on parking fees while you’re away and make your arrival/return logistics a breeze. We can accommodate small parties and larger groups 与 range of vehicles in 拉斯维加斯导航网址的舰队.

服务区域 & 定价

We provide services for transportation originating in the Baltimore area 任何邮轮码头. The price estimate we provide when you call for a quote or schedule a ride,包括 所有费用收费和停车除外. The only other way our fees may differ from what you have been quoted is if the service parameters change.

没有小费或车内付款—our drivers are employees and don’t work for tips or commission. 一旦服务完成, your account will be charged and you’ll receive an email receipt with all of the relevant details clearly itemized.


Be sure to mention how much luggage you have so we can reserve one of our 大型车辆.

FreedomCar Ford Transit front viewFreedomCar福特远征


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