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October 11, 2009

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POTUS has not been really tweeting ever since he became, well, POTUS.  I can understand how he is super busy what with running the country and dealing with the crazies.  On October 9, soon after the world learned about the surprising news that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize, he sent out a tweet, with one single word:


I was surprised that he still maintains the official BarackObama Twitter account (and it IS verified – I doubt anybody would even try to set up a fake celebrity account for this…  Think of how the FBI would get on your behind faster than you could say “Squatter”…)

I decided to check on how he fares per number of followers on Twitter.  Boy, he got beat by not just Ashton Kutcher, but Britney Spears too.  Actually, I am fine with Britney Spears since she has a ‘Twitter double” that actually does the tweets for her. Thank goodness.  But Kim Kardashian, people?!

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