I shall dub thee… John Mc”Cane”

October 25, 2009

in no manual for parenting

Warning: This post should be filed under “Things I find to be extremely amusing only because my kids said/did it and you probably wouldn’t give a rat’s gas which I am perfectly fine with but I still need to write this down so that I will remember this moment when I start losing the memory of my kids’ brilliance, like in the next five minutes, and I don’t keep a paper journal and also I’ve forgot how to write with a pen”.

My 6 year-old had a brief infatuation with John Mccain last fall: he was really worried that Mr. Mccain would lose the election and then he would be really really sad. My 6 year-old thought he looked like a grandpa, and we should NOT make a grandpa cry.

Anyway, the point I brought this old history up was that at that time my son also sported a fedora and a cane wherever he went. (Ok. He was only FIVE years old then so it was pretty adorable…)  He also called his cane John Mccain at that time.

Yesterday we went to have our one Weekend Fun Event for this weekend at a dollar store, (The best cheap thrill indeed!) and he got a giant plastic candy cane.  Later the candy cane was giving him trouble and making him unable to get out of the car in the lightning speed that I demand, I asked him,

“What’s wrong with your cane?”

“Maw CANE is sad ’cause he lost the election!”

I guess you’d have to be there. But I couldn’t stop laughing and kissing him for the next 5 minutes.


Angie October 26, 2009 at 11:34 am

That is soo adorable! and the picture in the first post is memorizing in some strange way, I’ll be thinking about that one all day.

Absence Alternatives October 26, 2009 at 6:58 pm

@ Angie
Thanks. 😉 Thank you for visiting my blog. I hopped over to yours and was confronted with that adorable gorgeous Elmo Red Velvet Cake. Oh my goodness!

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