How do we learn Hip Lingo if we don’t watch TV, OR What you don’t know won’t hurt you

June 12, 2009

in no manual for parenting

6 yo offered to make me a “pocket” with paper.

“Is it ok if I use pink paper for you?”

“Pink will be great! If you use pink it would be HUGE!” Channeling my inner Paris Hilton for a second over there.

Puzzled look. “What do you mean it will be Huge?”

“Uh. I meant it would be awesome…”

Relieved look. “Oh. Great. I thought you meant the pocket would become Really Big if I use pink…”

Bonus Round: My son, the Statistician…

“Mom, I think you will be the first in the family to die.”


“Because you are the oldest. So there will be a 100% chance you will be the first to die, and 90% chance for daddy to be the first to die, and 0% chance for me to be the first to die.”

Bonus Round II: Learning human anatomy…

Overheard 6 year-old to 11 year-old:

“Do you know your wiener is not your guts? Your guts are here” (pointing to his tummy)

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