“Twouble with Twitters” Funny animation vid explaining and condemning Twitter

April 14, 2009

in mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Funny in a, “I know there is something wrong but I just can’t stop it” kind of way. Sort like chocolate. Or, porn, for some people, I guess.

“Who are you talking to?”
“No one and every one!”

Someone posted link to this vid as a comment to the thought-provoking “It’s Official – Twitter Is A Cult” by Jeremy Toeman. In which Mr. Toeman did an analysis, comparing Twitter to the official definitions of a cult. It is humorous yet alarming at the same time.

The entire article is here:

I am trying to cut back. But Twitter to me was like weed in the beginning. Now that I have installed Tweetdeck, it has become like crack cocain. So easy to get addicted to, so much harder to rehab.

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