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February 2009

Towards the discussion of race with a 6 year-old…

February 11, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet Every day is a trial and error in my effort to bring my kids up the “right” way… Here is an incident happened last month which I have been chewing over and over: My 6 year-old came home excited one day to tell me all about what he had learned at school about MLK, […]

Abraham Lincoln rocked this house last night!

February 10, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet In commemoration of Lincoln’s Bicentennial on February 12, PBS is showing a series of documentaries on Lincoln, both his life and death. Last night, PBS aired the extremely well-made documentary on Lincoln’ death, “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”. Ok, who has heard of a 6-year-old crying because he had to stop watching a documentary […]

Moment: JetBlue & Southwest tweeting each other…

February 10, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet Saw this on my Twitter homepage. It strikes me as really adorable. I do hope that the actual airlines remain competitors since a collaboration between the two little giants (and they are really not little any more despite the images they are trying to cultivate…) will be the end of low airfares.

I declare: Nintendo Thumb = Text thumb = Twitter Thumb. At least in my case…

February 10, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet No more texting for me! Finally after living with the pain in my left thumb for three weeks, I could not ignore it any more. Luckily a colleague whose wife is an excellent hand surgeon volunteered his wife’s time and I was able to bypass the long wait time typical at orthopedic surgeons’ offices […]

“That’s so Gay” is NOT so funny! This has nothing to do with sense of humor…

February 9, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet Steven Petrow’s post on Huffington today really struck a chord: “That’s so Gay” is Not So Funny I am so happy and relieved that someone brought this subject up, again. Since Huffington is purportedly the most linked blog site in the world, hopefully more parents and teachers would be reading about this. I have […]

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I am intrigued. Wouldn’t you? How one employee single-handedly MAKE the hotel…

February 8, 2009 marketing at work

Tweet This has just come to my attention that the number 1 rated hotel in Beijing is… Drum roll please… A frigging Holiday Inn! Yes, they do have true 5 star hotels in Beijing. Granted Holiday Inns do get a worse rep in the U.S. than in many other places around the world. Don’t think […]

Metablogging: Maybe we are all egomaniacs…

February 7, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet and if we were, or, if I were, I would not be sitting here at 6 am worried about my being an egomaniac and what all this blogging and twittering and facebooking says about me as an individual. Is it not enough to live an anonymous life? Or, Why is it not enough to […]

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Fewer than 50% Americans believe in the Evolution Theory… How many of the rest believe in aliens?

February 6, 2009 Making sure you know I read the Economist so you know I'm not dumb, just obnoxious

Tweet Numbers (or Bars) speak louder than words. Draw any conclusion based on your own bias and convictions. And don’t send me any hate mail, but this visual impact is too much for me to bear. I feel dizzy. Would be interested to see how this affects the government’s and Bill Gates’ professed belief and […]

I am beginning to empathize with Maleficent who wasn’t invited to Sleeping Beauty’s christening…

February 3, 2009 random

Tweet We all know the story of the Sleeping Beauty. The version I remembered has it thus: The Queen and the King gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. At the celebration party, the Queen invited only 12 fairies because she only has 12 place settings. (I didn’t make this part up. That’s the version […]

The Comcastic Super Bowl Happy Ending. Watch porn and we’ll pay you $10!!

February 3, 2009 marketing at work

Tweet This story is too funny to be true. I have to hop over to to make sure that the story itself is not a prank, and verify with The Onion that they did not pen this story. So by now everybody in the US has heard of the surprise given to 85,000 families […]