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January 2009

“You are not going to heaven because you are a bad mommy.” Religion? Yikes!

January 17, 2009 no manual for parenting

Tweet This was not said in a huff or a tantrum. This was said matter-of-factly, more an observation than an accusation. A conclusion drawn by my 6-year-old because, well, he has noticed that we do not go to church on a regular basis. We are not particularly religious although both of our boys were baptized […]

The London Beer Flood of 1814

January 17, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet After I learned about the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, I quickly got wind of a rival event that happened more than a century before the Bostonian food disaster: the London Beer Flood. In short, on October 14, 1814, heavy metal hoops that held a larger vat broke and ignited a chain reaction that […]

Hulu – the best kept secert? Best of SNL clips I saw, tonight…

January 17, 2009 random

Tweet Am I out of the loop? Hulu truly is a much better way to watch TV and movie clips. The quality is a lot higher, never grainy. And you never have to worry about clicking on something that turns out to be not what you expected… Thanks to Hulu, I can follow SNL again, […]

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More on the US Air plane landing in the Husdon River…

January 16, 2009 random

Tweet The BOOT – The Business of Online Travel: Can a plane land on water and have survivors? Of course it can! This blog post has many more links to information concerning the US Air plane landing in the Hudson River. It is interesting to view this incident from the perspective of someone from the […]

Got Bacon? Thank goodness for people who have too much time on their hands…

January 16, 2009 random

Tweet A colleague of mine sent me a cryptic link, when I clicked on it, it showed my company’s website with a big piece of fat juicy glistening bacon on top. I haven’t laughed so hard since the last time the same colleague sent me the link to “Sad Trombone” (which sadly seems to no […]

Today is the 90th anniversary of The Great Boston Molasses Flood

January 15, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet It happened on January 15, 1919: a giant vat containing thick heavy molasses exploded, and the heavy goo flooded the streets of Boston’s North End, reportedly clocking at 35 miles an hour. In the end, 21 people died from this tragedy and hundreds of people were injured. It took many days and efforts afterwards […]

Ah, I love Dilbert! Need to look busy while at work in the economic downturn…

January 15, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet Wally creeps me out, but he does sprout some truth sometimes. I need one of those coaches…

My favorite quote: “The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.”

January 15, 2009 random

Tweet “The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.” Henry Kissinger I am sure he said it in a context that was different from what I take this saying to mean.  FWIW, for some reason, it’s been haunting me.  Sometimes I see it as pessimistic, sometimes I see it as optimistic, Grin and bear it.  […]

USAir crashed into Hudson River; Twitter received the first picture of the scene

January 15, 2009 a picture is worth a thousand words

Tweet This is the title of the blog entry: “U.S. Airways Crash Rescue Picture: Citizen Journalism, Twitter At Work“. A Twitterer sent a photo from his iPhone. This sort of illustrated what I talked about yesterday. I guess THIS itself is a great reason for Twitter… Instead of coming to my blog, or emailing everybody […]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

January 14, 2009 mark my word: twitter will doom us all

Tweet Upon learning my having joined the latest phenom which is Twitter, my male co-workers asked me point blank, But, WHY? Why not just use emails if you want to talk to people you know? Why not use TXT? You can email to an entire group of people if that’s your reasoning for using Twitter […]