My pet peeves (Part 1 of a long series I am sure…)

November 19, 2008

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  • People who say “How are you?” or “What’s up?” and then give you that look when you actually try to answer the question other than “Fine”
  • People (ok, men) who do not look at you when they are talking to a group of people and you are the only woman in the room — scan, scan, skip. Repeat.
  • People with bad manners in general
  • People who check their BB constantly when you are talking
  • People who do that hand motion to signal you to hurry up and finish what you have to say – what are you? The time-keeper at a debate?
  • People who say “Fine” instead of “Yes, please.” when you ask them whether you could bring them something (to eat)
  • People who do not hold the door open behind them until your hand is on the door
  • Drivers who do not put on their frigging turn signals – your car has one, use it!
  • People with really nice cool powerful cars and then drive slowly like a Florida retiree – You have a nice car. Drive it!
  • People who are rude to “foreigners” because they do not speak English (well enough) – hey, you know what? Their English is better than your “insert the language spoken by the said ‘foreigner'”

That’s it for today. What are yours?

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